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Camalle path

Known since ancient times, slate has been used and appreciated as a building material throughout Liguria (it seems that the Romans called the tribe inhabiting these areas Tigulli, as they used to build the roofs of their houses with "tiles" of this stone). In particular, the variety extracted in the Tigullio area has established itself as the most precious in the world, given its incredible malleability. Between the towns of Cogorno and Lavagna, the "paths of the camalle" are still passable. The so-called camalle were girls and women who, placing freshly extracted and worked slate slabs on their heads, would walk down these steep paths to the shores of Lavagna, where the slate was loaded onto ships to be sold. A hike that will take us through picturesque stairways in the shade of chestnut trees and past now-abandoned quarries, up to the top of Mount S. Giacomo to enjoy the view that embraces the entire Gulf of Tigullio from Sestri Levante to Portofino.

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