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Genoa and its Bodyguards

Like any important character worth their salt, Genoa also has its bodyguards: the "Mura Nuove" and the Forts. Built in the seventeenth century to better defend the city, this cyclopean work that embraces Genoa from the Lanterna to the Val Bisagno is a full 12 km long, holding the record as the longest city wall in Europe, second only to the Great Wall of China! Over the centuries, the walls have been integrated with the construction of forts and watchtowers which, having exhausted their defensive functions, today offer us breathtaking views and a mountain of anecdotes involving sieges, executions, and historical figures. Along with the history that can be felt walking these paths, there are also interesting geological and botanical insights that complete the picture of a very evocative hike, suitable for everyone and easy to reach with private or public transportation.

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