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Ora et labora in Val di Penna

"Now and work in Val di Penna.

Within the Aveto Park lies Val di Penna, a charming little valley where human settlement has been skillfully advanced through the synergy between the local inhabitants and the Benedictine monks of the Borzone Abbey. In addition to the church and monastery built, it seems, at the behest of the Lombard king Liutprando between 712 and 714, the area is characterized by the so-called "beudi," a complex system of water channels devised by the monks which, through the use of canals and locks, allowed irrigation of the fields for the local farmers.

So, monks, hydraulic engineers, and... seemingly sculptors too! Yes, because according to a 2015 study, the paternity of the "Megalithic Face," an anthropomorphic sculpture carved on a rock wall resembling the face of Jesus, would belong to the monks of Borzone.

Last but certainly not least, the excursion concludes with a visit to the ruins of San Martino di Licciorno, which is what remains of the first parish of Sopralacroce, a church in the suggestive and anecdote-rich forest."

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