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My Excursions

Liguria is Portofino and Cinque Terre, but also much more!
Let me guide you to discover some of its most hidden and evocative corners.

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Pilgrimage to Montallegro

The sanctuary of "Nostra Signora di Montallegro" has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries, ever since it is said that the Madonna appeared to a local farmer. Following this event, the people of Rapallo decided to build a sanctuary there in memory of this apparition...


Genoa and its Bodyguards

Like any self-respecting important character, Genoa too has its bodyguards: the "New Walls" (Mura Nuove) and the Forts. Built in the seventeenth century to better defend the city, this cyclopean work that embraces Genoa from the Lantern (Lanterna) to the Bisagno Valley measures an impressive 12 km in length, holding the record as the longest city wall in Europe, second only to the Great Wall of China worldwide!

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Known since ancient times, slate has been used and appreciated as a building material throughout Liguria (it is said that the Romans called the tribe that inhabited these areas Tigulli, as they were accustomed to building the roofs of their houses with "tiles" made of this stone).

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Abbey of Borzone and San Martino

"Now and work in Val di Penna"

Within the Aveto Park lies Val di Penna, a charming little valley where human settlement has been skillfully advanced through the synergy between the local inhabitants and the Benedictine monks of the Borzone Abbey. In addition to the church and monastery built, it seems, at the behest of the Lombard king..

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