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Mattia Garbarino

About me...


HI! My name is Mattia Garbarino, I am 28 years old and since June 2023 I have been a qualified environmental hiking guide.

It was a radical choice, for almost 7 years I had had a permanent office job in a large sportswear company, a good permanent position which may be enough for many but for me, who love being outdoors and being at contact with people, it had become a gilded cage.

What did I want to do when I grew up? I didn't know it either. As much as I love travelling, an experience abroad was out of the question, I have too deep roots in Liguria and the "saudade" would have been unbearable.

Study? Little desire, now, to face a multi-year journey.

Changing jobs? I didn't see anything that stimulated me enough, I would only go from one cage to another, perhaps even less comfortable than the first.

So I racked my brain as I walked through my woods and mountains, I took a breath just long enough for a weekend waiting to return on Monday to the usual, boring and gray accountant routine.

Until, thanks to a friend, enlightenment! The courses to become an Environmental Hiking Guide for the Liguria region began, that is, the union of everything I was looking for from a job together with my passion for life in the open air and the boundless love for my land. Bang, jackpot!

After 6 months of the course and having passed the qualifying exam, here I am, ready to show you the beauties, hidden and not, of a Region with a tough exterior but an unforgettable heart.

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